Posted on July 30, 2021

williamhilapp威廉希尔 Encourages All williamhilapp威廉希尔 To 招收 for FREE Paperless Billing

williamhilapp威廉希尔 Encourages All williamhilapp威廉希尔 To 招收 for FREE Paperless Billing

Save time, the environment and clutter

德克萨斯州埃尔帕索 – williamhilapp威廉希尔 (williamhilapp威廉希尔) encourages all its customers to take advantage of the free and easy paperless billing program.  Paperless billing offers the most convenient and environmentally friendly method to receive your electric bill.

As williamhilapp威廉希尔 continues to build and improve the options available to its more than 444,000 residential and commercial customers, paperless billing will also minimize the 公司’s environmental impact in a way that everyone can be a part of.

“We are fully committed to transforming the energy landscape down every avenue we can possibly explore including how the families and businesses we proudly serve manage their energy use,” shares President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin. “We recently revamped the look and usability of the ‘williamhilapp威廉希尔 MyAccount’ tool that gives customers access to their account online and from their smart phone. 所以现在, 一旦你签到, you can easily subscribe to paperless billing which is a convenient option while benefitting the environment.”

williamhilapp威廉希尔 customers can log into, or create, their ‘MyAccount’ by visiting 一次登录, the right column will contain a list of options available to all customers, including paperless billing. williamhilapp威廉希尔 can select this option, and on the next page simply select 招收.  williamhilapp威廉希尔 will enjoy this benefit beginning with their next billing cycle. 除了, customers will receive a text or email, based on their preference,  when their bill is ready to view.

There are more than 63,200 customers who have already enrolled in paperless billing. This translates into protecting approximately 15.2树, decreasing energy consumption equivalent to running 19 refrigerators, cutting production of more than 11,400磅二氧化碳2, and saving 13,500 gallons of water – all on a monthly basis.

“williamhilapp威廉希尔 currently mails approximately 360,000 bills to customers per month. williamhilapp威廉希尔 who choose to enroll in free paperless billing will make an immediate and direct impact on improving our environmental stewardship which is truly a collective effort,” adds williamhilapp威廉希尔 Manager of Customer Information Systems and Billing Terry Vicuña.  

williamhilapp威廉希尔 also reminds every customer who is also in need of financial assistance on their utility bill to contact williamhilapp威廉希尔’s Customer Care Team immediately. williamhilapp威廉希尔 can do so by visiting and chatting with a Customer Care Team Member online between 7:00 a.m. 7点p.m., calling 1- or emailing williamhilapp威廉希尔 at



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